Our Mission

We strive to help educate people, agencies, groups and institutions on conservation issues and help guide them towards influencing businesses to become more environmentally conscious. It is our objective to match consumers with "green" companies that meet their requirements and environmental expectations.

Daily Green Tip

In The Kitchen - Stove
By simply using appropriately sized pots on your stove burners, you could save as much as $36 per year with an electric stove, or $18 per year with a gas stove. Cooking and preparing of food here in the United States accounts for five percent of the total energy used by each and every person. That is more than double the amount of energy that the average person in Africa uses in an entire year. The pot you use should completely cover the coil of your range. If part of the coil is visible when looking down at your pot, then you are essentially wasting energy. Another great way to reduce energy used by your stove is to prepare more “one pot” dishes. Soups, stews, and many other small meals can be made using just one burner, therefore saving plenty of energy.