Our Mission

We strive to help educate people, agencies, groups and institutions on conservation issues and help guide them towards influencing businesses to become more environmentally conscious. It is our objective to match consumers with "green" companies that meet their requirements and environmental expectations.

Daily Green Tip

Getting There - Car
You should always keep your tires fully inflated to ensure your safety on the around. Poorly cared for or neglected tires are often the cause of dangerous and sometimes deadly freeway accidents. An added bonus in maintaining fully inflated tires is that you may see your gas mileage improve by as much as 3 percent. The average American drives about 12,000 miles every year. By simply maintaining proper tire pressure, the average American could save around 16 whole gallons of gasoline each year. If you add up all of the households in the United States, that would create a total savings of 1.6 billion gallons of gasoline, which is roughly the amount of ice cream made in the United States annually. It doesn’t take too long to check your tire pressure and add air when needed during routine gas station stops. In California, state law requires that all gas stations provide free air (and water) to customers.