Our Mission

We strive to help educate people, agencies, groups and institutions on conservation issues and help guide them towards influencing businesses to become more environmentally conscious. It is our objective to match consumers with "green" companies that meet their requirements and environmental expectations.

Daily Green Tip

In The Utility Closet - Washers
Instead of using exclusively hot water to wash your clothes, try using warm wash and cold rinse cycles. You could save up to 90 percent of the energy used with hot water. Not only is a warm/cold cycle cheaper, it is also usually less damaging to clothing. Hot water is quicker to fade colors of fabrics, and it can also contribute to shrinkage. By utilizing the warm wash and cold rinse cycle, you’ll save money on your utility bills and your clothing will last longer. If every single household in the United States adopted this washing method, they could save about 100,000 oil barrels’ worth of energy every day.