Energy - Wind Credits

It’s no secret that businesses use a lot of power. It’s usually considered to be just another cost of doing business. But, too often we neglect to consider the hidden cost, the one that gets charged to the environment’s account. 98% of all power supplied to the United States power grid still comes from non-renewable forms of energy like coal, natural gas, as well as volatile nuclear power. Energy produced from wind farms is clean and 100% renewable. The trouble is, it costs a little more to get a wind farm up and running than it does to supply traditional power. Wind turbines still produce less than 1% of the total power supply. Without increased demand from consumers, the cost of producing wind energy can’t be reduced to a point where it’s an attractive alternative energy source, and it just can’t compete with conventional power. Purchasing wind credits is a great way to help out, as well as increase your company’s reputation for being environmentally conscious.

So how do they work? Well, wind farms are relatively few in contrast to the abundance of traditional power plants, and it is not yet an option for businesses to actually power their business with wind energy directly. When you purchase wind credits, you are ensuring that an amount of renewable energy equal to that of your purchase is added to the power grid. This way, you know that the power you consume in any given month isn’t simply replaced with more pollutant-derived electricity, because you’ve essentially replaced that power on the grid with eco-friendly renewable energy. Yes, you will still have to pay your regular monthly utility bills, but your company will be making a very strong statement, and also likely getting some valuable attention.

Companies that are making the shift to 100% renewable energy via wind credits have received substantial publicity as a direct result. Making a corporate commitment to the environment is a great way to establish your company as a reputable and trustworthy enterprise. Notable companies such as Whole Foods, Kettle, and recently Vail Resorts have purchased wind credits equaling their total operational energy use.

The popularity of wind power is growing faster than ever. In 2006, the US wind power capacity increased by 27%, and several new wind farms were brought online in 2007. Although the official numbers have not yet been released, it is expected to see an even greater increase for 2007, and the trend is expected to continue in 2008. This progress is due to the enthusiasm of environmentally responsible individuals and businesses as well as growing state government support of renewable energy.

By purchasing wind credits for your company, you’ll effectively be providing a healthier environment for your customers, clients and employees. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint via carbon neutrality. You’ll also reduce our dependence as a nation on fossil fuels, which in the long-term can improve the economy. Most importantly, you’ll be playing a pivotal role in the fight against global climate change.