Become Green - Green Tips At Work

From big businesses to home offices, energy used in the workplace accounts for a great deal of the nation’s energy use, as well as its subsequent greenhouse gas emissions. Here are five tips to ensuring that your place of business is an environmentally friendly one.

Tip One
Use Energy Star Qualified Products – When shopping for new products for the workplace, be sure to strictly buy those which feature the Energy Star logo. When you purchase an Energy Star qualified product, you get the added bonus of having peace of mind in knowing that you’ve made a smart decision and that your new product will perform efficiently with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and few other air pollutants produced. Energy Star qualified products can be found to suit several different office needs including lighting, heating and cooling, and many different types of commercial appliances.

Tip Two
Manage Energy Use Efficiently – Many people believe that in order to promote the longevity of your computer, it should be powered down as infrequently as possible. This is absolutely not true. Always power down computers at the end of the workday. Also be sure to utilize the power management features of your computer and monitor. Consider implementing power strips that can supply power to all of your office electronics and then powered down at the end of the work day. It’s also a good idea to buy timers or motion activators for the lights in places that are not often used such as closets or bathrooms.

Tip Three
Commute Green – Consider alternative methods of commuting such as public transportation, carpooling, biking, walking (if practical) or even telecommuting. Many employers offer incentives for employees that opt to use greener transportation. If your employer is not one of them, be sure to inform them of the many benefits of implementing a ride-share type program, such as increasing available parking and decreasing local traffic congestion. If you must drive, be sure to use the EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide when purchasing your next car, to help you make the most environmentally friendly (and fuel efficient) choice.

Tip Four
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! – Most offices produce a great deal of paper waste. Make sure that all of the paper as well as discarded beverage containers are properly collected and recycled. Don’t forget that old printer cartridges are recyclable! In order to reduce, try to encourage two-sided copying and printing whenever possible. Consider making it policy to only buy products made from recycled products (when possible). Instead of disposing of outdated electronics, consider donating them to local schools or charitable organizations. Such donations can often be tax deductible.

Tip Five
Inquire With Building Manager About Energy Star – Buildings that are labeled by Energy Star provide healthy, safe and productive work environments. On average, Energy Star buildings use about 35% less energy than other typical buildings. An efficient building can drastically reduce the overall operational costs associated with the use of the building, which in turn can benefit everyone working inside!